Finlife spawned out of the idea that students nowadays are involved in the rat race of getting certificates and studying subject which they might never use in their life rather than skills which are actually rewarded in the real world.

We focus that the professionals joining the courses are able to make money from their investments on a monthly basis and we focus on realized profits and not notional profits.

​We help you derive a direct correlation be​​​tween the theoretical knowledge that you have gained in your college and the practical scenario of day to day fluctuations in the Share Markets.​

​At Finlife we provide a very conducive environment for the participants so that the students don’t hesitate in clearing their doubts and are focused on ​absorbing the most from the program.Trainers at Finlife use Accelerated learning techniques and the focus of the course are to deliver maximum value to the participants.

Have you been thinking “Why have you been studying theory for so long and where does it come to use?

We at Finlife focus at giving you in-depth knowledge and making the most of your studies by connecting it to stock markets and teach you how you can make money from your studies by investing in the stock markets.

About the Team:

Siddhant Goyal  -Mentor & Trainer

Karnesh Mahendru -Social Media Manager

Sankalp Goyal -Business Development

Meenakshi  – Academic Consultant & Trainer