Finlife Alumni is a great forum for students to interact,network and socialize in a fun way.

Its a community of students who have either done a course at Finlife or have gone through an interview to be a part of this prestigious forum.

Benefits of Being a part of the Alumni :

  • Meetings are held once in 2 months at various places like Restaurants ,Clubs ,Bars ,Parks so that students can have fun , share and discuss ideas.
  • Discussing ideas would include talking about various trading strategies which each individual is trading with to help them pinpoint the flaws.
  • Students are even told if there are any job openings for them in the financial industry if any such company contacts us.
  • Visit to practicing centers so that students can practically revise what they have learnt during the courses.
  • We don’t want students to forget all the skills they acquired with us.
  • Revision Videos
  • Mails from Finlife about updates and ideas which keep coming to the brilliant minds at Finlife.
  • Visits from industry experts to guide the students and increase their vision{Occasionally}
  • Students who do Finlife internships are also eligible to join the alumni meetings till the time they are interning with us.


How can you be a part of the Finlife Alumni?

There are 2 ways to become a part of Finlife Alumni :

  • Those students who have done atleast one course with Finlife can become members of the Finlife alumni
  • Students who are interested in the financial markets and are keen to be a part of the alumni are selected on the basis of a test followed by an interview.

Charges to be a part of the Alumni

  • Fees to be a part of the Alumni is Rs.4000 per annum  .
  • No costs are borne by Finlife when meetings are held .

Finlife holds the right to suspend/terminate the alumni status of any student in case of inappropriate behavior or indecency during any of the meets .