Finlife offers internships to students mainly on 3 criteria which are:

  1. Either you have done atleast once course with Finlife, or
  2. You claim that you have basic knowledge of stock markets/passion/hunger to learn it and you crack the telephonic interview, or
  3. You posses a skill which you think will be very useful for Finlife (Example: You Claim you are good at content writing and are interested in stocks but don’t know anything about them yet then we will teach you stock markets and use your skills in return, like a barter system)


We at Finlife don’t have a motive to make the student do only marketing, calling and stuff which is useless for the student further if you are willing to join the internship just for the sake of an  internship letter then you are not welcomed here.The letter is just a byproduct of the learning which you acquire here.

So we say that if you are selected as an inter at Finlife then you will be provided with core knowledge and learning. If we are unable to give you knowledge then we substitute it with stipend this is mainly done because we value your time and the one which you will spend with Finlife.

Why is Finlife doing such a social service then?

The main reason is that every student has some skills and qualities which we use in return of what we give at the internship which is mutually beneficial for both the parties.

Opening for internships is open all year round for students and we highly encourage students doing CA, CFA ,Courses by correspondence to not waste their valuable time at home and rather learn something with us or shake hands with us for the growth of each other.

How to apply for the internship ?

  1. Kindly mail you CV on with the subject as “Internship Application” with a 100 word letter why would you like to join the internship.
  2. Make sure your permanent address and you current living address in mentioned in the CV.

Our Internship takes place at Noida, Sector 2 easily commutable by metro.