By: Komal Garg

The reason one will be forced to learn stock markets or share markets is that the interest rates and FD rates will keep falling year after year and there will be no other profitable avenue left for people to invest their hard-earned money left after investing in business rather it will just get wasted in their bank accounts.

Why mutual fund and fund managers will never make you filthy rich?

The mutual fund and fund managers will never make you filthy rich because you can never trust them, the reason is very simple as you are the best judge of your money, you won’t be able to invest big amount of money with these fund managers. By big amount, I mean if you have total net worth of $1 million that means everything you own, your house, bank balance, shares, jewellery everything…Can you give them to the fund manager? Or at least 80% of it? I BET YOU CAN’T because you won’t be able to trust them enough as they don’t know the amount of hardships you did to earn this money. But if you know that there is an awesome deal, a company whose share you can buy at dirt cheap because the stock market is down then I am sure you will be able to take that risk and make big money. Further you will not have anyone to blame also just in case you go wrong.

Therefore, it is very important to learn stock markets or share markets and invest in them and to use your education correctly and learn financial markets you need a face, a mentor with whom you can grow, a group where you can talk about all your failures and success you have come across in stock picking and all this provided by FINLIFE, not only during the course but even after the course through FINLIFE ALUMNI MEETS.

It is not just that you need to learn how to analyse stocks NO that’s damn easy any one can teach you that, the key thing one needs to learn is how to get the courage to put in the hard-earned money into the stock markets. YOU ARE THE BEST JUDGE OF YOUR MONEY so to become rich, you will HAVE TO learn how to invest or trade in stocks or else you will keep losing on opportunities which others will take and become richer.