Few years ago we used to shout STOCK ARE AWESOME !! Invest and you will make millions and stay invested , The compounding rate of return will increase your penny investments to pile of cash over a course of 10-15 year and we were right they will. But the new beast BLOCKCHAIN is something which is a revolution in the financial Industry and pretty much in every industry.

Bitcoin is a block chain which makes it easy for us to transfer money from one person to another easily and send money cross borders without revealing our identity that to withing minutes, Finally the cherry to the cake is all this at extremely low cost (Pennies) i.e 1% for a Rs.10000 and around .05% for transferring Rs.1,000,000 {Yes these numbers are correct larger the amount of money you want to transfer the lower the fee.

We at finlife provide seminars on how you can take benefit of this financial revolution and start investing in such Crypto Currencies which provide massive returns !