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Finlife Alumni is a great forum for students to interact,network and socialize in a fun way.Its a community of students who have either done a course at Finlife or have gone through an interview to be a part of this prestigious forum.

Benefits of Being a part of the Alumni :

  • Meetings and discussions are held once in 2 months at various places like Restaurants ,Clubs ,Bars so that students can have fun and share and discuss ideas.
  • Students are even told if there are any job openings for them in the financial industry if any such company contacts us.
  • Visit to practicing centers so that students can practically revise what they have learnt during the courses because we don’t want students to forget all the skills they acquired with us.
  • Revision Videos
  • Mailers from Finlife about updates and ideas which keep coming to the brilliant minds at Finlife.

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Next Meet

20th Feb StarBucks


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