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Hi Guys,
We are having a Missionaires House Get-together😄 on the 17th Feb 2019 (Sunday)….there is a charge of Rs.1000 per person, includes Snacks and drinks.

Missionaires : Defined as: Millionaires on Mission ( a person who has done any of the one workshops MMI,MTM,TTT,EWP,GBI,FULL QL)

Organized by:

Venue: Shubhin’s Rooftop🏡

We plan to:
1.Discuss our vision & mission

2.Chant our warrior vows & other Chants…play some games

3.Have a fun time networking.

4.Discuss stories and take accountability from other

5.Keep an open Mind and help each others grow.

We are taking an initiative of this get-together for the first time.Support us for the same.

Timing 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Join WhatsApp group here:

You can paytm the money to 9811017040(Aditya Godbole)
A/c Name: Finlife
A/c No:  50284568001
A/c Type: Current
Bank: Allahabad Bank
IFSC Code: ALLA0212734
Branch: Jasola

Payment Deadline 12th Feb 2019
No on the spot payments
Please do the payment asap so that we can get a clear count and make arrangements.

DOs & DON’Ts:
1. Respect the house/space 🏡
2. Keep the loo flushed, clean and dry, just as you wud want it whenever you use it. 😷
3. Keep an eye on your friends and each other. If anyone gets drunk or feels unwell, move them to the side, take care of them and inform us.
4. Drink responsibly 🍺🍷🥃
5. No smoking indoors.
6. Park outside the main gate, with due consideration to others. Keep space available for others. 🚗🚗🏍🛵
Use of Ola/ Uber is advised, as you may also be drinking 🚕🚕
7. No greasy hands on the walls.
8. Use the trash cans.
9. Take care of your belongings.
10. Other families live in the building, so avoid going up and down too much. 🤫
11. HAVE FUN!! 😊💃🏽🕺🏽


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